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From the moment you come through the doors, you will experience a friendly and caring environment. They have a wonderful rehab gym and excellent therapy staff.
Macy Deeson
The caregiving team at this facility is so very kind and attentive to the patients. Their dedication shows in everything they do. I thank God for kind people like this who care for their patients so lovingly.
Jeane Melton
I have worked in different facilities since 2009, and I compare my other job at Warner Robins Rehabilitation Center. This place is an excellent place to work tidily and be active with the patient. I've met the administrative staff, housekeeping, nurses, kitchen staff, and therapist. I have good impressions about each person I've come across here. It's a reasonable building and well kept. These are excellent, caring facilities. I work the night shift, and I love doing my job as a CNA here at Warner Robins Rehab Center.
I love working for here i been working for 7years now
omorie head
This a great place to work at, the staff is very professional and knowledgeable and care great for the residents.
Vince Spaventa
Warner Robins Rehabilitation Center is a Great place to work. I’ve been working here for almost a year and I really enjoy what I do and the people I work with. I feel that my voice is heard and my input is taken into consideration. The environment is clean and professional but fun at the same time. The Management team is always approachable which is a huge plus as well. I feel very lucky to work for such a wonderful company!
Victoria Finney
I work here & the job is amazing. The facility is nice & the activities are fun. We spend a lot of quality time with each resident to make sure all their needs are met. The staff is very considerate & I think it’ll be a great choice for those who would needs rehab in the local Warner Robins area.
Princess Jasmine (Jaz)
This is the most cleanest facility I’ve worked at. The staff is friendly and willing to help whenever needed. The thing I love most about my job work place is…the care I witness that is giving to the residents. I’ve worked at several nursing homes and this one is the best so far.
Kenyata Jackson
Thank you for the care given to dad. Blessings to this staff.
Esther Snell
Professional Staff and clean facility!
Marquita Duffie
There are many warm, caring, friendly staff at Warner Robins Rehab! The sitting areas are beautiful and perfect for socializing or watching TV and are always filled people, it’s also convenient to the nurses station!
Tawnya Bennett
The staff is very friendly and caring. The building and rooms are always very clean. My grandmother seems much happier since moving to this facility.
Lauren Williams
Warner Robins Rehabilitation is a family friendly environment that offers both short and long term care to those who are seeking placement as a means of care as well as rehabilitation. This facility has made many innovative changes to promote and support quality care for the residents of the facility. It offers residents a comfortable setting with both private and semi-private rooms with additional support while fostering as active of a lifestyle as possible. Continuing to strive for excellence in providing the best care for our LOVED ones!!
Tammy Jones
Had my mom at the Lodge for a while and I hated the care there, the staff was so rude and inappropriate and she was miserable every day, I was reluctant to go hear cause of all I heard but I was pleasantly surprised..... I can't say it was perfect but I can say that the administration at Warner Robins genuinely cares about the residents and my mom hasn't been happier!!!!!
Michael Danger
My dad has been here for years and since new management took over in January it has been amazing. The care and attention they give to us is above and beyond. The staff is very hard working and no matter what the management takes time, checking on dad personally.
Sean Bradshaw
Beautiful. ..
Deneha Solomon