COVID-19 Notice




We currently meet the State Guidelines for Indoor Visitation with your loved one at this time. If you would like to schedule a visit under any of the visitation categories, please contact the Admissions Office to set up your visitation appointments.

The State of Georgia has determined that the public response to COVID-19 has progressed to the point where long-term care centers may reopen to visitors, under carefully controlled guidelines to ensure the continued well-being of our residents. It’s vitally important that everyone carefully comply with these guidelines, both to protect the residents and to make sure no new cases emerge. The center must also have sufficient staff to support management of visitors, adequate PPE, adequate cleaning and disinfecting supplies and adequate capacity at referral hospitals for the center.     Our highest priority is the safety and well-being of our residents – and we know that your visits with them are important to their health and happiness. We will continue screening residents and each approved and scheduled visitor as they enter the center, and will continue testing staff according to the county positivity rate.

Indoor, Outdoor, and Compassionate Care Visitation: Visitation shall be by appointment only and will be conducted in designated areas with center staff monitoring.  Visitors shall plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to allow for proper screening and education.

Visitation Types:

In-person outdoor visitation is the CMS preferred visitation method to occur outside a designated area.  In-person modified outdoor visitation in the event of adverse weather, visitations will occur at a designated area inside the center. 

In-person indoor visitation will occur in center as necessary in designated area or residents’ rooms – within residents’ own personal space. These individuals will be allowed to visit only if the center has not experienced a new onset of COVID-19 (i.e., a new COVID-19 case among residents or staff). When a new case of COVID-19 among residents or staff is identified, we will immediately begin outbreak testing and suspend visitation (with the exception of compassionate care visitation), until at least one round of center-wide testing is completed.  Visitation may resume based on the following criteria: If the first round of outbreak testing reveals no additional COVID-19 cases in other areas (e.g., units) of the center, then visitation may resume for residents in areas/units with no COVID-19 cases. However, we will suspend visitation on the affected unit until the center meets the criteria to discontinue outbreak testing. For example, if the first round of outbreak testing reveals two more COVID-19 cases in the same unit as the original case, but not in other units, visitation may resume for residents in areas/units with no COVID-19 cases.  If the first round of outbreak testing reveals one or more additional COVID-19 cases in other areas/units of the center (e.g., new cases in two or more units), then we will suspend visitation for all residents (vaccinated and unvaccinated), until the center meets the criteria to discontinue outbreak testing. 

Compassionate care visitation will occur in center as necessary in designated area and resident rooms within residents’ own personal space. Visits may occur regardless of a resident’s vaccination status, the county’s COVID-19 positivity rate, or an outbreak.

Compassionate care visitors provide emotional support to help a resident deal with a difficult transition or loss, upsetting event, or end-of-life. Compassionate care situations include residents recently admitted struggling to adapt to a new home, recent grief from loss, experiencing weight loss and dehydration, and those exhibiting signs of emotional distress.  o Compassionate care visits may be facilitated regardless of a center’s or resident’s COVID-19 status. o Compassionate care visitors will adhere to the center PPE requirements. o Compassionate care visitors will undergo COVID19 testing per the Center’s testing schedule. o Compassionate care visitors must ensure social distancing with all staff and other residents and demonstrate proper hand hygiene. Visitors will be escorted to the visitation location and back to the sign-out location.

In addition, to help keep the doors open, visitors will be required to meet the following conditions:   Visitors will undergo screening each visit to ensure that no one enters with a fever or other condition that could create a possible risk to our residents. This will include temperature checks, questions about symptoms and potential exposure, and observation about any signs or symptoms. The visitor must notify the center if they develop these symptoms within 14 days of a visit.  Visitors must ensure social distancing and demonstrate proper hand hygiene. Visitors will be escorted to the visitation location and back to the sign-out location.  All residents and visitors must wear a facemask throughout the time you are visiting.  If someone is unwilling or unable to meet this requirement, they should not plan to come into the center, such as children.  All visitors shall participate in education of the center’s Infection Prevention and Control polices along with return demonstration of proper hand-hygiene and acknowledge understanding and adherence to the center’s protocols.

The center will deny access of a visitor for noncompliance with center infection prevention and control requirements.   We understand some of these requirements may present a challenge, but they are necessary to protect the loved ones under our care. We appreciate your cooperation in complying with the state’s requirements for visitation. Our residents, staff, and management are thrilled to welcome you back soon!










As we continue dealing with the unprecedented threat of COVID-19, the health and safety of our residents and staff remains the center’s top priority.


As we have throughout this crisis, we are focusing on limiting COVID-19’s impact at our center. Our professional staff are doing heroic work and have been trained on recommended protocols and guidelines from federal, state, and local public health agencies. The staff continues to follow CDC guidelines, including protocols for pre-screening residents prior to any admission or readmission, ongoing monitoring of all residents, screening of staff, and continual focus on infection control techniques and personal protective equipment recommendations.


The center remains in operation, but with restricted access and limited activities within the center to comply with social distancing. Therapy services continue to be provided in the resident’s room or one-on-one with a therapist in the therapy gym. Meals are served in the resident’s room. We encourage you to set up for virtual visits with your loved one via Zoom, FaceTime, or similar electronic applications.


Part of our mission and our responsibility is to keep you and the public fully informed about the steps we are taking to address COVID-19’s impact in our center. In the interest of transparency, we are providing the most current information about the status of COVID-19 at our center. We urge our residents, their families, and the community to remain safe and well throughout this ongoing situation.


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We want to convey our sincere concern for those who have been diagnosed positive for COVID-19. Our thoughts are with them and their loved ones at this challenging time, and our deepest condolences go out to everyone who has lost a loved one during this crisis.